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Designing industrial solutions since 1971

Specializing in the manufacturing of industrial, modular and scalable control & alarm solutions, our team is ready and waiting to assist with your order. Otherwise browse our store and start building your own custom solution today!


Mimic Panels

Mimic panels are great for any process overview of critical applications where PLC staff are not readily available. We supply pre-manufactured and modular panels in our Johannesburg warehouse and are then sent as kits across the world after being tested in our workshop.


Data Logging

As a distributor of Novus automation and other world leading data acquisition solutions, you’ll be sure to find a wide variety of offline and cloud based products that will give you the insight you need.

Large Digit Displays

Most of our display ranges are sourced local manufactures in South Africa, assisting with availability and price. We offer a wide range of counters, indicators and signs along with local support for all products.


Airfield Lighting

All of our equipment is manufactured according to both the South African civil aviation authority (CAA) and the international Civil Aviation organisation (ICAO ). Our experienced team can supply a wide range of approved aviation and obstruction lighting for the aviation and construction industries.

Industries we have worked with

We understands the difficulties in sourcing reliable providers who understand your unique industries underlying processes and regulatory requirements. It is because of this our team strives to keep up to date on the latest news and events in the following industries and we are confident they will be able to source you the best solution that will meet all stake holders requirements.

Off-Shore Plants

Nuclear Sites

Petrochemical Plants



Dusty / Gas Enviroments

Products we support

We know you want only the best, so we partner with only the best!

Checkout out some of our latest articles

If you are in any of the industries mentioned above, checkout some of the news articles below to see how our products and enable your business.

Data acquisition, logging & monitoring with SCADA driven systems

SuperView is a Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition software (SCADA) that brings to the user a visual development interface to create applications with full communication support for Modbus RTU and Modbus TCP devices. SuperView stations are able to operate in...

Wireless motion detection solar fence

Wireless motion detection solar fence provides security for perimeters, cars, out-buildings and have proved very effective in protection for the border of large properties and complex’s.

Successful applications of the Qlight QWCD series

An innovative new range that designed to ensure those in need are notified without delay.

Food production safe components labels

Metal detectable labels assist in meeting food safety requirements by ensuring the end product is not contaminated during cooking, mixing, freezing or packaging and is in compliance with the HACCP System.

Why mimic panels are still the best option for certain types of applications

Even with the ever increasing adoption of digital interfaces, direct physical interfaces still have a large part to play in industries that are very remote or extreme conditions exist. A well deployed MODBUS system is just as capable as some large screen display...

Custom manufactured alarm annuciators

With more than 40 years experience in custom manufactured alarm annuciators, our team would be delighted to assist with your project.

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