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Industrial Solutions

Our team, strives to provide you a wide variety of cutting edge, proven and professional solutions

Data Logging & Monitoring

As a distributor of Novus automation and other world leading data acquisition solutions, you’ll be sure to find a wide variety of offline and cloud based products that will give you the insight you need.

Mimic Panels & Control Desks

Mimic panels are great for any process overviewing critical applications where PLC staff are not readily available. We supply pre-manufactured and modular panels in our Johannesburg warehouse and are then sent as kits across the world after being tested in our workshop.

Helipad & Airfield Lighting

All of our equipment is manufactured according to both the South African civil aviation authority (CAA) and the international Civil Aviation organisation (ICAO ). Our experienced team can supply a wide range of approved aviation and obstruction lighting for the aviation and construction industries.


Large Digit Displays

Most of our display ranges are sourced local manufactures in South Africa, assisting with availability and price. We offer a wide range of counters, indicators and signs along with local support for all products.

About us & why we are

The best for the Job 

Mimic Crafts which was founded in 1971 as a manufacturer of Mimic panels for the electrical and rail industries over the past several decades. Mimic Components was born from an identified need to provide locally sourced and precision manufactured components, which we have successfully been doing with expertise staff from our workshop in central Johannesburg, South Africa
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