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Mimic Branches:  Johannesburg and Cape Town


Mimic started in 1971 originally manufacturing mosaic mimic panels for sub-stations and industry. They steadily grew to include wholesale distribution of electrical and electronic goods. Mimic continually strive to be the leaders in cutting edge products and are committed to sourcing and providing high-quality goods to our customers. Mimic Components researches and participates in a number of initiatives including in-house projects to constantly develop our sector of the industry and to contribute to society. 



 Our Crafts Division manufacture custom electronic components, Mosaic Mimics, Panel Boards & Enclosures, and Control Consoles and Desks.

The business started as manufacturers of mosaic mimics including the supply of panel display instruments, control components, mechanical semaphores (still supplied today for older mosaic mimic panels), and grew to include the design and manufacture of Mimic Panel Boards, Control Consoles & Desks, Engraving, Custom Enclosures, Alarm Annunciators, Sirens & Sounders, Big Digit Display Clocks, Digital Counters & Timers,  Lamp-Test Cards, Trip-Diode Steering Cards, Doorman Monitors, and other industrial products.



Mimic supply and distribute: LED Indicators, Pilot Lights, Semaphores, Segment Displays, Control Components & Panel Instruments, Specialised Sub-Stations, Audible Visual Warning Devices, Aviation Lighting for Helipads, Small to Medium Airfields and Airstrips, Game Farms, Private Runways including installation assistance, Wire Marking & Cable Solutions, Enclosures, Measuring Instruments, Controllers, Data Logging, Data Acquisition, Recorders, Power Logging Meters & Analyzers,  Temperature Controllers, Alarm Systems, Displays, Annunciators, Modbus, Interface Products, PSU, Cards, and Software, Control Consoles and Desks as well as the well known Mosaic Mimic Panels.



We have product specialists for all our manufactured electrical components and offer designs and drawings on all custom projects, including Mimic Panel boards, Control Desks and Aviation Lighting installation assistance.



In-house printing services for our customers with low-medium volume printing requirements, Specialists in Computerised Industrial Engraving (name plates on Traffolite and other surfaces, Facia and Consoles for Switchgear and Electrical Panels), Commercial Engraving (offices, Hotels, Warehouses, Hospitals, Shopping Malls), Desk Stands (lapel badges for Banks, Municipal and Government Departments), Corporate Gift Engraving, Material Finishing (chip-free cutting of Traffolite, cut Traffolite to size, bevelle, drill plus engraving laminate,) Hot Foiling (small business cards, advertising gifts), Safety Signs (full range of new safety symbols specified by NOSA), Silkscreen Printing (design, art and printing service for Decals, Metal Signs, Labels and Display Materials), Grafoplast Printing service Low-to-Medium printing.



The Group exports to many different countries including Africa, Middle East, Hong Kong, China and Europe. 


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