Explosion Prevention

Since the dawn of electricity, industry has been dependent on electrical equipment to enhance efficiencies within their production and manufacturing processes, but this new technology quickly demonstrated that it made previously safe environments dangerous, due to the introduction of uncontrolled heat /spark generation either from normal operation or even malfunction.

This has lead the way for most countries to develop safety regulations with the aim of making these electronic devices safe and reliable in all environments.

Qlight provides a wide range of tried, tested and internationally certified products aimed specifically at industries where reliability and certification are key to the success and safety of the operation.

Off-Shore Plants

Nuclear Sites

Petrochemical Plants



Dusty / Gas Enviroments

Explosion Certified Products

SE Series

Flameproof warning/ signal lights applied in Oil/ Natural Gas offshore rigs where explosions can be ignited by mining, production, and storage.

SEA Series

Pressure-resistant warning / signal lamps for areas in which flammable substances such as oil are transported in large quantities, e.g. on ships. The explosion-proof warning and signal lamps are visible over long distances and are ATEX certified.

SEBA Series

The alarm bell combination of the SEBA series from Qlight is suitable for use where not only visual but also acoustic warning is required.

SESA Series

ATEX certified and with a sound power up to 118dB, the SESA warning and signal light can be ordered with warning tones, melodies or alarm tones according to your requirement environment.

SNE Series

The flameproof warning and indicator lights of the SNE series from Qlight are used in areas where explosive substances can occur. For example, from a pipe or duct as in a coolant generator system of a nuclear power plant.

SNES Series

The SNES series supplements the SNE series with acoustic warning tones with a volume of up to 105 dB and is suitable for use in refineries, for example.

SPNA Series

For hazardous areas where audible warnings are sufficient and visual warnings are not required, Qlight’s SPNA can be installed with warning tones, alarms or melodies.

International Certifications

The South African Occupational Health and Safety Act of1993 in section 9 sets out the basis for which Electrical Machinery should be operated in hazardous locations. In summary, it requires that employers identify all hazardous locations and classify them in addition to ensuring that all electrical machinery which will operate in such environments are certified and have fully trained and competent staff required for a chief inspector to clear the site safe for operation.

Internationally, the ISO 60079 series of standards defines a system for classification of locations, as well as categorizing and testing of equipment designed for use in hazardous locations, known as “Ex Equipment”. The South African Bureau of Standards, which is mandated to set the standards we follow has adopted the ISO 60079 standard and created SANS 60079 which takes into account South African requirements, these may be found here.

International Organization for Standardization

International Explosion Proof Certification

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