Food production safe components labels

Detectable, readable and resistant markings

Our metal detectable labels support a wide rage of application, are made from metal detectable materials and are predominantly used in the food manufacturing, pharmaceutical and cosmetic sectors. Metal detectable labels assist in meeting food safety requirements by ensuring the end product is not contaminated during cooking, mixing, freezing or packaging and is in compliance with the HACCP System.

The metal filler insert into the tags is corrosion resistant and allows for reliable identification by metal detectors. In addition, the distinct blue colour of the labels is designed to facilitate visual inspection by operators or digital monitoring systems.

Raw materials used is compliant with EU 10/2011 Reg.

The grafoplast food safe range

Identification for external panels

Adhesive and none-adhesive plates and tags of various dimensions customized with company logo guaranteed long lasting quality.

Identifications for internal panels

Tags for single cables and T-Blocks or tags with holes for sheath and groups of cables to be used with metal detectable ties.

DIY Printing with EVOMAX 2

This new line dedicated to the food sector is printable with the EVOMAX2 thermal transfer system which allows the printing of labels, tags, modular strips to identify electrical panel and components.

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