Why mimic panels are still the best option

for certain types of applications

Even with the ever increasing adoption of digital interfaces, direct physical interfaces still have a large part to play in industries that are very remote or extreme conditions exist. A well deployed MODBUS system is just as capable as some large screen display solutions. A great example of a physical interface still being needed is during the “black start” process a power station might experience after a grid failure.

some the solutions we can offer

Mosaic Mimic Panels

Mosaic Mimic Panels comprise of small square block tiles that contain graphics. Tiles are either black or off-whitish-grey in colour. This panel is the preferred choice for larger systems or where graphics may change, whereby the tiles are easily modified. Mimic craft division specialise in unlimited sized mosaic mimic panels and usually include bar graphics, digital displays, status LED’s, alarm windows temperature monitors all driven by Modbus.

Front & rear engraved mimic panels

Since most mimic panels are one-offs, it is often more economical to engrave a panel. Engraved mimic panels are more durable than printing panels. Graphic engraving can be done on 3mm Aluminium or Acrylic sheets with the colour infill to suite. Reverse engraving is done on transparent material to protect the graphics from physical wear. The front facing side should be a Matt surface to prevent reflection of the graphics

Photo Anodised Aluminium Mimic Panels

Mimic layout is anodised onto the Aluminum using a photo-process. Wide range of colours available, flow units/tanks etc. Can be colour coded if required! This option is excellent where fine definition is required. Colours: Green, Orange, Red, yellow, Gold, Bronze, Black and choice of 3 Blues. Size: 900 x 500 mm Maximum. Thickness: 0.5, 0.9, & 2mm. Mimic craft division also produces excellent photo anodised Aluminium face plates and are proud owners of large-bed computerised engraving facilities with fully equipped cad facilities as part of their engraved mimics.

gravoply mimics

Gravoply comes in two different coloured layers. When the surface is engraved the colour of the bottom layer comes through. There are various colour combinations in which the Gravoply can be ordered in. Size: 1200x600mm Maximum. Thickness:1.6 & 2mm
Colours: White/Black – White Surface/Black text
Black/White – Black Surface/White text
Silver/Black – Silver Surface/Black text
Other combinations are available on request.

Printed Mimic Panels

This type of process is created whereby the graphics can be printed onto perspex sheets with a silk screening process. This is usually done on a 3mm Acrylic sheet.
Description: We can Spray-paint, Silkscreen or apply a high quality vinyl onto your powder coated panels, enclosures or control panels.
OTHER MIMICS / SILK SCREENED (Suitable for any format of Mimic)
Description: Stock of specific symbols can be ordered, and modifications can be done on site with little to no down time. Can be cost effective for mimics that have standard symbols. Size: Size dependent on application Powder coated panel with vinyl or silk-screening.

Vinyl Mimic Panels

This type of application is applicable only to simple electrical distribution line diagrams on painted metal panels. A special vinyl is used that has an approximate 20 year life span. The symbols are designed and cut on computers. Vinyl strips with symbols on are applied with precision to the metal panels.

Control Desks

Control desks inevitably go together with mimic panels especially where dedicated control rooms are designed to house both the mimic panel and operator control desks in a controlled environment. Mimic’s craft division also manufacture superior quality consoles, enclosures and control desks aimed at upmarket segments that are geared towards prestige control rooms. Their control desks and enclosures are tailored to customer specifications and specifically made to house computer based systems.

Materials used in our mimic panels


One of the more versatile options. Aluminium panels can be accurately machined to accomodate all components and is then anodised to ensure that the print located beneath offers a scratch and solvent proof finish.

Acrylic (Perspex)

Acrylic sheets can be formed and fabricated into a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Being a cheaper solution that still provides component flexability and overall life time durability.

Stainless Steel

For the best durability we recommend using stainless steel as its explosion and fire resistant. The images are etched and then paint filled with a high quality paint to ensure life long use.

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