Industrial Hand Wash with Flashing Message and Sounder

large industrial hand wash sounder for use in factories and similar environments

Please allow 2 – 4 weeks for delivery of this item


Mimic Component recently designed a large industrial hand wash sounder for use in factories and similar environments.
“Hand-washing for 20 seconds has been proven to be the most effective way for preventing the spread of convid-19” says Edwin Wakefield,
MD of Mimic Components.

“These units are specifically designed to be used in large noisy environments such as chicken processing, food factories as well as food packers” continues Edwin, “and they are a tremendous aid in ensuring required hygiene as well as showing a company’s commitment to preventing the spread of Convid-19”.
As these factories require a higher decimal output to be heard over working machinery, the hand wash sounder comes with and inbuilt electronic sounder and an output contact for switching to one or more remote sounder/flasher combination units to alert staff. All the electronic components are fitted into a robust electrical enclosure box for harsh surrounds. The working operation of the hand wash sounder is activated by a timer. This is pre-set to go off every half an hour and lights up with bright red LED’s in either a steady or a flashing mode at one second interval for twenty seconds, with the sounder sounding off for five seconds at the start of the hand washing session and a further two seconds at the end of the session.

“We designed the industrial hand wash sounders in three different sizes to accommodate small to medium and large factories” and Edwin adds “the larger the factory area the louder the sound needs to be”. The hand wash sounder can connect to a factory’s pre-existing external siren if this is preferred. This completes the range of two Hand-wash Sounder models; one for commercial use and the other for industrial use. Both models can be custom manufactured.

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