EBM Eagle Sounder

Please allow 2 – 4 weeks for delivery of this item

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  • Colour : Red
  • High sound output, 120dB @ 1 meter
  • Fast & slow sweep
  • IP 65
  • Conduit or wall mounting
  • Waterproof (it will work underwater)
  • Low current consumption (8mA on 12V DC,18mA on 24V DC & 35mA on 240V AC)

Very loud & continuously rated. It is far superior to the wind-up mechanical version in that it cant jam up with dust or burn out.
The EAGLE has 32 different tones, switch select-able, and multiple units can be synchronized to "woop" together.

On special order: (32V, 48V, 75V AC/DC)(110VDC, 115V, 240V, 400V or 600VAC)

Also available as telephone line ringer for connection to telephone extensions
(Non Telkom approved)