QWH50 Wall Mount Electric Horn

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Signal fit for the specific environment and condition with options to select between 31 special warning sounds included in the pre-recorded sound type and SD-card (MP3) type. Volume adjustment and sound selection switches located inside the unit. SD-card in the unit offers convenient operation. SD-card type allows the user to input the proper voice messages for specific operating conditions.

The SD-card type 31 Special alarms built in which includes the voice alert from the SD-card (MP3). With 31 special warning sounds are built both in pre-recorded sound type and SD-card type offers both Binary and Bit input mode options (only the SD-card type has the bit input). Tightly sealed structure that blocks water and dust with IP66 protection rating suitable for outdoor installation. Which can be used in extreme environmental conditions such as the arctic where temperatures can reach -50°C.

Product Specifications

  1. Cable entry: PG 13.5
  2. Materials : Horn-PC, Housing-ABS
  3. Ambient operating temperature : -50°C to +60°C
  4. Protection rating : IP66
  5. Certificates : CE Compliant
  6. Compliant with RoHS directive
  7. Binary Input : 31Ch
  8. Warning sound : 115dB
  9. MP3 sound : 113dB 0.9kg
  10. AC110V~220V Max. 0.300A
  11. QWH50SD DC12V~24V Max. 0.980A 1.0kg
  12. AC110V~220V Max. 0.270A
  13. DC type model has a free-voltage range of 10V-30V.
  14. AC type model has a free-voltage range of 100V-240V.



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