Refuge Bay Box

This unit indicates the location/position of a refuge bay chamber commonly used in mines to mark emergency assembly points underground.

While under mains supply the UNIT FLASHES GREEN.
On loss of mains supply the colour of the 4 LED Lamps changes to flashing RED with simultaneous operation of the Audible Alarm.
This audible alarm can be silenced by operation of a push button mounted on the lower side of the enclosure.

Standby time: Greater than 12hrs.
Battery: Long-life Lithium Phosphate Battery,
(does not give off flammable gas like lead acid gel batteries).
LED Cluster: High bright Red & Green LED’s.
Enclosure: Powder Coated Mild Steel Orange, Stainless Steel or 3Cr12, IP65.
Input Power: 220V / 110V.
Markings: “Refuge Bay” STD other on application.
Brackets: “Standard” others on application.
Flashing: Synchronised flashing of 4 x lights together made more visible as lights reflect off walls.

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