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AL-HP-C Inset Bi-directional Landing light

R3 950.00

Inset bidirectional light is always be installed at locations where the lights are frequently knocked down by aircraft or maintenance vehicles.
It could be used as
Center Line Light,
Runway Threshold/End Light,
Runway Edge Lighting etc.
The emitting color is green/green or yellow/red or yellow/green or red/green

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  1. LED as light source saving power consumption and maintenance, 95% less power than equivalent incandescent light
  2. Power supply available in AC(110-240VAC), DC48V


  1. Pressure resistance lens allowed the vehicles go through on light
  2. Die-casting aluminum covered by black hard anodizing layer have good corrosion protection and load bearing
  3. IP68 waterproof ensure light work fine underground
  4. Emitting light in two opposite sides


  1. Infrared LED for pilot using NVG(Night Vision Goggles)
  2. Controller for power supplying and turn ON/OFF light
  3. VHF pilot to ground remote control
  4. Marine treated
  1. Runway center line
  2. Taxiway center line
  3. Helipad/Heliport Runway
  4. Heliport Taxiway
  1. ICAO Annex 14 Volume ǁ Heliports 5.3.(
  2. FAA AC 150/5390-2B Heliport Design Guide (

For more details on regulations -