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AL-HP-F Heliport/Helipad/Helideck Flood light

R3 150.00

Flood Light is used to help illuminating the whole landing area at night.


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  1. CREE LED as light source saving power consumption and maintenance, 95% less power than equivalent incandescent light
  2. Power supply available in AC(110-240VAC), DC48V


  1. Whole-seal aluminum shell, Protection standard is IP66
  2. Fragile coupling in the base.
  3. Aluminum hood shield as not to shine directly into the pilots eyes.


  1. Infrared LED for pilot using NVG(Night Vision Goggles)
  2. Controller for power supplying and turn ON/OFF light
  3. VHF pilot to ground remote control
  4. Marine treated
  1. Heliport FATO areas (FATO lights shall be placed along the edges of the perimeter) (
  2. Heliport Apron
  3. Parking pad
  1. ICAO Annex 14 Volume ǁ Heliports 5.3. (
  2. FAA AC 150/5390-2B Heliport Design Guide (

For more details on regulations -

Summary of regulations on Flood lighting.

Floodlighting of obstacles

9.6.29 At a heliport intended for use at night, obstacles shall be floodlighted if it is not possible to display obstacle lights on them.

9.6.30 Location. Obstacle floodlights shall be arranged so as to illuminate the entire obstacle and as far as practicable in a manner so as not to dazzle the helicopter pilots.

9.6.31 Obstacle floodlighting shall be such as to produce a luminescence of at least 10cd/m2.