AL-HP-W1 Internally Illuminated Wind Cone

Aviation wind direction cone/indicator internally illuminated with obstruction light.


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  1. Power supply available in DC(12-48VDC) or AC(110-240VAC)
  2. Pole is made of corrosion resistance and wind resistance stainless steel 304(SS316 is optional)
  3. One obstruction light on top, one flood light for illumination
  4. Pole height is customized(1meter, 2meter, 2.5m, 3m, 4m, 5m...)
  5. Windsock color is: orange(Nylon), red/white(PVC)

Windsock dimension:

  1. Pole height:<4m, Length: 1.2m, big diameter: 300mm, small diameter: 150mm
  2. Pole height: 4m-6m, Length: 2.4m, big diameter: 600mm, small diameter: 300mm
  3. Pole height: >6m, Length: 3.6m, big diameter: 900mm, small diameter: 450mm
  4. Other size is customized.
  5. Frangible coupling is optional


  1. ICAO Annex 14 Volume ǁ Heliports 5.3. (
  2. FAA AC 150/5390-2B Heliport Design Guide (

For more details on regulations -

Summary of regulations on Windsocks.

Windsock Location

  1. The windsock shall be located so that it provides the pilot with valid wind direction and speed information in the vicinity of the heliport under all wind conditions.
  2. To avoid presenting an obstruction hazard, the windsock should be located outside the safety area, and it should not penetrate the approach and/or departure surfaces.
  3. At many landing sites, there may be no single, ideal location for the windsock. At other sites, it may not be possible to site a windsock at the ideal location. Consequently, more than one windsock may be required in order to provide the pilot with all the wind information needed for safe operations.
  4. For night operations, the windsock shall be illuminated without impairing the pilot’s sight during approach, take-off or landing.
  5. The wind sock shall be a truncated cone made of lightweight fabric consisting of the following minimum dimensions as depicted in the table and figure 8-1 below:

The color of the wind direction indicator shall be so selected as to make it clearly visible and understandable from a height of at least 200m (650 ft) above the heliport, having regard to background. Where practicable, a single color, preferably white or orange, shall be used. Where a combination of two colors is required to give adequate conspicuous against changing backgrounds, they shall preferably be orange and white, red and white, or black and white, and shall be arranged in five alternate bands the first and last band being the darker color.



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