QWCD35 Strobe/Sounder Combo

QWCD35 LED Strobe Signal Light and Electric Horn Combinations Max.115dB
A new concept of using the horn cover as a light globe

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By using the horn cover as a light globe, the size of the product has been reduced significantly easy device customization with built in sound selection function, volume adjustment function and an SDcard slot for user inputted tones 31 available tones that can be selected for a variety of environments
The user can select their own tones by inputting the MP3 file directly into the SDcard. 31 prerecorded tones available via binary input
Suitable for use in environments that require a tight seal and superior dust protection rated IP66 Can be used in extreme environmental conditions such as the arctic where temperatures can reach -50°C Flashing rate : 60-80 flashes/min(steady/flashing mode selection available in built in switch)

Product Specifications

  1. Materials : Horn-PC, Body-ABS
  2. Ambient operating temperature : -50°C to +60°C(Standard type)                                                                                                                                                                                                   -20°C to +50°C
  3. Protection Rating : IP66
  4. Certificates : CE Compliant, UL Listed
  5. Compliant with RoHS directive


DC12V-24V Max. 1.025A • Bit Input : 5Ch(SDcard)
Binary Input : 31Ch
Warning Sounds : 115dB
MP3 Messages : 113dB
1.10kg R-Red
AC110V-220V Max. 0.360A 1.15kg
DC type model has a free-voltage range of 10V-30V.
AC type model has a free-voltage range of 100V-240V.

Sound Tone Combination of Standard Product

First Sound Category Sound Volume

Rel rel rel 115dB

  1. Slow Ambulance PI-PO 115dB
  2. Oit Oit warning sound 115dB
  3. Emergency WA-U(Yelp) 115dB
  4. Pi- buzzer 115dB
  5. 7 Short PI. / 1 Long 115dB
  6. Pi o Pi o 115dB
  7. Phone Ring 115dB
  8. Pi- buzzer 115dB
  9. Pi pi pi short 115dB
  10. Di o Di o 2 tones buzzer 115dB
  11. Oit Oit warning sound 115dB
  12. Slow Ambulance PI-PO 115dB
  13. Slow Di o Di o 115dB
  14. Fast Li o li o 115dB
  15. Fire.A-ANG 115dB
Second Sound Category Sound Volume
  1. Fast Ambulance PI-PO 115dB
  2. Slow Ambulance PI-PO 115dB
  3. Ri ro ri ro warning sound 115dB
  4. Repeat Di-o 3 times 115dB
  5. Fire.A-ANG 115dB
  6. Ambulance PI-PO 115dB
  7. Slow Fire.A-ANG 115dB
  8. Pi-pi- buzzer low frequency 115dB
  9. Pi-pi- buzzer high frequency 115dB
  10. Di-di- buzzer high frequency 115dB
  11. Di-di- buzzer low frequency 115dB
  12. Rising Po-ong 115dB
  13. Fast Ambulance PI-PO 115dB
  14. Rising frequency 115dB
  15. Repeat A-ANG 115dB

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