Handheld ME 440 Power Logger

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  • Direct reading of the neutral with an additional Rogowski coil and voltage clip
  • Lithium batteries give 10 hours of use before it is necessary to use the mains adapter.
  • Read up to 51 harmonics.
  • MODBUS-TCP communication.
  • 8 GB memory.
  • 1GB SD card
  • 8k per second sampling rate
  • recording interval from 1 sec to 9999 secs
  • CSV downloads of data by USB (These can be used to obtain power consumption graphs over time and thus enable accurate sizing of a solar system)

Displays and logs all of the parameters available on the ME435, which include:
Current, Voltage, Power Factor, Frequency, Active Power, Reactive Power, Max Demand,8k and many others to accurately analyse a power system.

The complete kit is supplied in a robust case, as a complete kit with 4 600 Amp Rogowski coils (larger coils are available from Mimic in 5 sizes, to read from 10A up to 7200A at an accuracy of 0.5% )
A major advantage of the Meatrol loggers is the use of accurate Rogowski coils as standard.(0.5% accurate over a wide range, which is better than a standard CT)

They simply clip around the cable cores and thus save a lot of time and expense compared to any other methods of reading Amps.
We also supply Rogowski coils for use in Permanent Smart Metering applications.
We feel that this advanced ME440 Logger is by far the best value available in SA for power logging and power quality analysis.
We give full technical support and will be pleased to demonstrate this excellent product in Gauteng.

Additional information

Measurement range (a.c.)

707mV a.c. RMS

Equivalent clamp measurement range (a.c.)

0 to 723A a.c.

Accuracy (a.c.)

5% (±2 count)

Measurement range (d.c.)

-1000 to 1000mV d.c.

Equivalent clamp measurement range (d.c.)

0 to 1000A d.c.

Accuracy (d.c.)

2% (±1 count)

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