Si2K EvoMax Wire Marking Printer

Please allow 2 – 4 weeks for delivery of this item

SI2K-EvoMax Printer

SI2KEVO, featuring USB 2.0 port, higher printing speed, new driver capable to manage all functions without need of local keyboard settings and pre-loaded setting profiles for easier and faster installation, quickly and efficiently creates highly visible and durable marking.

  • Versatile: Wide variety of materials available and for a wide range of marking
  • Applications: wire/cable, cable ties, terminal blocks, internal and external panel (push buttons, channels, name plates, tags, etc.); immediately ready to print as turned on, even after a long stop.
  • High quality: High resolution (300 dpi) to print not only alphanumeric, but also bar codes, logos, graphics. Resin-based ribbon provide very high durability of marking.
  • High-speed printing: Up to 8500 tags per hour, automatic feeding allows huge operator’s time saving on higher volume tags (cable, terminal blocks, wire marking tags)
  • Easy to Use: Tags come in modules that easily feed through the printer, in automatic, single or manual feeding mode. Tags are organized in pre-breaked cards, for easy and smart mounting.
  • Low Maintenance: Easy-to-access print and feed area.
  • Compact: Compact dimensions, low weight and industrial design.