A8PAS ADDA 8 Alarm Annunciator Auto Fix Term

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The ADDA 8-F is a purpose designed 110 /220 Vdc relay based flag unit for panel mounting purposes. The complete unit is housed in an extruded aluminum enclosure with removable front engraving plate for easy customization. All terminations to the unit are via locking removable terminals for easy installation and maintenance.

The 8 way flag unit consists of eight individual latching relay based circuits. Each circuit offers the following output functions:

  • Individual potential free contact (only the common of the contact is common to 1 other circuits.)
  • Instantaneous avalanche diode protected trip output for each two grouped alarms (alarms 1,2 - 3,4 - 5,6 - 7,8 are grouped together)
  • Individual double switched trip reinforcing contact ( for improved dc load breaking) for each alarm (the common of these contact are also grouped in pairs as before.)
  • Two high brightness LED alarm indicators for each alarm on the front panel.


All these alarm output functions are available at the output terminals on the rear of the enclosure , as well as the input and power connections. All the plug-in terminals are of the screw-down locking type, to prevent the plugs from becoming un-socketed while in operation and thus invalidating the safety tripping circuits.

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