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The three software modules of WSCAD are built upon each other containing a tried and tested range of functions. The Basic version is particularly suitable for commissioning. When the planning itself was already completed and no more major alterations are anticipated. It is equally well suited to the creation of smaller and less extensive projects.

The Compact version is often found in the maintenance department. The strength of the Compact version is in the adaptable circuit design, such as when an installation or machine already exists and needs modifications. In addition, this version is especially suitable for the creation of diagrams for small to medium-sized projects. Various automatic functions are available, such as cross-referencing, terminal charts, numbering and contact mirroring.

The Professional version is used in the planning, development and documentation of new projects. Here the user has at his disposal an extensive range of powerful online and monitoring functions which are indispensable in the creation of new projects. Errors are eliminated from the beginning and productivity is increased. It does not matter with which version you will start with.

There are no restrictions on upgrading from lower module to a higher one. Single-user licenses or network licenses with common access to project data, database and libraries, or combinations of these, offer a system-oriented method of working.

  • Material list: Make a bill of material, and bought out parts with manufacturer’s part number.
  • Project data: Store details of the project and the customer.
  • Summary: Maintain an overall view of all your schematics lists and project documentation
  • Revision history: Record changes which occur after project completion.
  • Reference list: Get a quick overall view of all connections to any device.
  • Cable chart: The cable plan makes it easier to connect complex cabling
  • Cable list: Useful for wire men and electricians; Cable list with information about connection points.
  • Connector chart: Use the automatic functions and the online connector manager to monitor pin connections.
  • Wiring chart: To avoid mistakes during the wiring of the control cabinet, utilize this list to make the connections.
  • Terminal Chart: Automatically generated terminal listings are useful for troubleshooting and commissioning.
  • Installation plan: Create electrical installation plans for buildings, e.g. device cabling with reports.
  • Basic drawing: Create or import drawings or pictures, which will not be included within an automatic report e.g. Function blocks or diagrams.

Feature for feature, WSCAD Professional matches other electrical design software costing up to five times as much. Purchase WSCAD Basic or Compact, and upgrade later for just the difference in cost.

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