successful applications of the



Max: 115dB


Max: 123dB

multiple ways to ensure the notification stands out

  •  31 remotely selectable sounds or messages.
  • Light color options between red, yellow, green, or blue
  • 118dB and 123 dB options both with flashing or non flashing variations.
  • Suitable for outdoor or underground applications with IP66  protection.
  • Models are available with onboard sounds or SD card for custom sounds.

Some of the many successful applications in South Africa

security in a large factory

Client required alarms from one gate to the other 800m away.  The problem was that the large noisy factory blocked the sound path.

In this installation the QWCD 50 could be easily heard at the other gate.

Large liquid bottling plant

With very loud  high pitched noise from many bottling lines,
sounders were required to alert maintenance of failures which were affecting production.  QWCD 50 with high illumination flashing combined with a unique tone that could be heard over the plant noise.

Remote Agriculture plots

With the increase of property invasions,  a farmer installed one to notify neighbors should an incident occur. Having selected a tone that could easily be heard 2km away and also effectively deters vagrants from wondering.

Extendend conveyor systems

QWCD flashing units have proven themselves on long conveyors lines with pull switches being installed for sections set off by the QWCD 50 sounders. The bright flash shows the fault location easily and helps maintenance get to problem quickly to prevent costly production delays.

Evacuation system around smelter

QWCD 50 units with SD cards are in successful use on a large mine smelter to notify staff of area evacuation. These are used in conjunction with a large outdoor message display.and part of a linked evacuation system.

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