Wireless motion detection

solar fence

Being Forewarned is being forearmed!

Wireless motion detection solar fence provides security for perimeters, cars, out-buildings and have proved very effective in protection for the border of large properties and complex’s.

Stand alone or remote controlled options

Basic Stand Alone Unit


Remote Controlled Unit



  • Solar alarm with siren-sounder & flashing LED light (with 5VDC input plug).
  • Low cost no maintenance once installed.
  • Simple & effective solar day/night intrusion detector.
  • Small compact lighting design.
  • Solar alarm with flashing light set off by a passing motion.
  • Operators can hear something is happening & see where it is happening via the flashing LED light.


  • Sensing Distance: 5-8m  | Sensing Radius: 110°.
  • No maintenance costs after installation.
  • Alarm not easily noticeable due to small size.
  • Easy setup: mount, on-off switch, 5 selectable modes.
  • Alarm Sound: 110db (as loud as live rock music) non-adjustable.
  • Protective rating: IP65 Waterproof.
  • 5 days standby time – only 2 hours of sunlight needed per day.

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