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4 Universal Input Scanner with Data Logging Facility, Dual Display Temperature Controllers, Bulk Liquid Storage Level Sensors

Temporary & Permanent Airfield & Helipad Lights, Long Distance Sirens, Windsocks, Sphere Balls

Fire System Enclosures, Alarm Window Enclosures, 3Phase Power Analyzer, Ex-Proof Sirens, Heavy Duty Alarm Bells, ADDA ATRIP Diode Cards for Electrical Panels

Micro Controller, Temperature & Pressure Transmitters, LogBox IoT, Warning Lights, Tower Lights

Micro Modular Processor, Temperature Controllers, Pressure Data Logger, Hybrid Invertor Voltage Relay, Rechargeable Beacons

Wireless Tower Lights, Strobe Beacons, Safe Start Conveyor Sirens and Container Spread Lights, S/Steel Datalogger, Aviation Engraved Runway Control Enclosure

Multichannel Current Scanner, ADDA Indicator Meters, Multifunction Meters, Wire Marking Metal Tags & Ties

Wireless Network Communication AirGate Modbus, Safe Start Siren for Conveyors, Multi Channel Dataloggers, Wire Marking

Why Mimic Panels are still the best option for certain applications in 2024. Mimic Panels & Control Desks

Energy Meters, Volt/Amp Meter, Motor Protection Device, Flow Control Indicator, Power Logger Rogowski Coils

Temperature Scanners, Volt/Amp Meters, Pressure/Flow/Level Process Meters, Dataloggers, Engraving

2024 New Single Phase Preventer, LogBox LTE Multi Chanel IoT Datalogger, DigiRail IoT Industrial Gateway, Industrial Engraving.


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